2nd Englandiversary!

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June 23rd was the second anniversary of when I moved to England! Also known as my Englandiversary. I tried to see what I wrote about my first anniversary last year, but… I don’t seem to have written anything. Apparently I am not as sentimental as I thought I was!

So here I am at the end of year two and what do I have to show for it? Well, the second year was obviously a lot easier than the first. I’ve been lucky enough to continue at my job which I like and spend time with my friends which I also like. It’s been interesting the second time around because there have been fewer surprises, but I also have England memories that I can reflect upon. I think I’ve definitely got the hang of things.

I still feel surprised when I see a Union Flag though. And I don’t actually know the national anthem.

Anyway, here’s to year three! Hopefully I do something a bit more exciting so next year’s recap entry won’t be as dull as this one.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken of British things.

cards shakespeare ukip cakes popper scones



June Behind the Scenes

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Yes, I am aware that we still have about a week remaining in June. However, starting next weekend I am actually going to be quite busy for all of the summer, which should mean lots of posts. So, I’m recapping the month a bit early. Here’s some stuff I got up to that didn’t make the blog, as well as a few things I’ve been loving this month!

Summery Clothes

Summery Clothes

I’ve been loving the warmer days (there have been one or two, here and there). And of course the summer clothes. I picked up two new faves recently. First, this printed skirt from Oasis which is part of their V&A collection. We all know I’m obsessed with the V&A (my membership card is well worn). And this collection is so dreamy, featuring prints found in the V&A. I want so many things but in the end I chose the skirt because I thought it would be super versatile. I can’t wait for the second half of the collection to be released soon!

I also picked up these gold espadrilles from Deichmann. They’re super comfy and I think they add a bit of cute, fun “bling” to my summer outfits. They’re just the right amount of tacky. And they were only £14.99 which is a total bargain.

American Candy Haul


I went a little bit overboard at Charlie’s Sweet Emporium the other day. The above cost much more than I am willing to admit! But it was worth it, especially for the candy corn and a bag of only Juicy Pear jelly beans – my favourite.

Christml 2014.5


My friends Ashley, Josh, Clementine and I do a Christmas gift exchange every year. Since we all live in different countries, we usually send gifts and then open them in a group Google Hangout around Christmas time. This year, though…. things didn’t exactly go to plan. With all of us and our busy lives, we actually didn’t manage to do our annual hangout. Until yesterday! We finally got together and opened gifts, nearly 6 months later. But it was well worth the wait for my amazing gifts. And it prolonged Christmas by quite a bit.

The Elle Next Door


I’ve maybe been a bit too gushy about Elle lately, but I seriously adore her. I loved her blog first, but since she’s started her YouTube channel I’ve become a pretty big fan of her, in general. I love how funny she is and how she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. She reminds me of old school YouTubers that I used to love. Check her out.