Gluten Free Snack Box Showdown!

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One of the most fabulous things that can happen in the world of gluten free food is being allowed choices! Magical choices! So, it’s quite exciting to find that there are now two subscription snack boxes available in the UK now (at least– if there are any others you know of, please let me know).

I’ve been subscribed to Snackly for about six months though, and I really like it. Still, I thought it was only fair to give the newer Crave snack box a try and do a bit of a comparison. So here we go:

Snackly, One Size (6 snacks) – £6.95


Crave, Small Box (6 snacks) –  £7.99


As you can see, each box is pretty similar. A relatively even mix of sweet and savoury snacks. They use many of the same brands.

However, I usually really like the selections in Snackly but there were a few I disliked in the Crave box (especially the olives. I hate olives).

Obviously, that’s potentially a bit of a one off problem, but with Snackly being £1 cheaper and, in my opinion, much nicer presented with its bright tissue paper and cute bright cards, I think I will be sticking with Snackly for now as my gluten free snack box of choice!

Lovely Things from Gifting Lounge

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Before we get into the lovely things post, let me take a few seconds to talk about my pal Lauren. This lady is one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever met. She works in events, but she organized the Big Blogger Conference in her “spare” time, and also organizes LDNmeetup. Recently she opened the online shop Gifting Lounge (more on that in a second)– when does she have time to sleep? And she does all of this while being a genuinely nice person.

Now that I’ve revealed my Lauren crush, I suppose I should stick a little disclaimer here: the lovely things I bought from Gifting Lounge were purchased by myself because I loved them and I love supporting my friends.

I’ve had these things for a few months, but I thought now was the perfect time to mention them on this blog because…. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!

It is. It’s coming fast.

And what could be better than a small business that provides lovely, curated gifts all for under a tenner? Secret Santa at work– check. Little gifts for your closest friends– check. Most importantly, it’s basically a treasure trove for all the cute little trinkets that bloggers like myself love. (Pssst- I hear Christmas stock is coming, so you might want to give them a follow on Twitter to find out when that happens.)

Enough waffle, here are the things that I got and have been loving.


birdcage1 birdcage2 birdcage3

Okay, this one is a little unfair for me to post, because the website has it marked as sold out! But it’s just too gorgeous to forget about. It spends its days as an adorable cream-coloured miniature birdcage, which is quite precious in itself, but once night time comes around… wow. This candle holder just casts the most gorgeous shadows. It’s a top pick for me in my bedroom when I’m relaxing and listening to music.


rosegold rosegold2

I have a scented candle addiction, but when it comes to bath time I like the products I’m using to take centre stage in the smell department. That is why I really love a good, simple unscented tea light to help set the mood. And this rose gold one (which also comes in a tube shape) is perfect. It casts such a warm glow around my bathroom. So pretty. Also it’s rather tall compared to the tea light, which makes me feel pretty safe putting it on the edge of the tub without worrying that I might accidentally catch my hair on fire (I’m not sure if that is a rational fear, but there it is).



Finally, this tote bag. It serves many great purposes. 1) It is a beacon to other bloggers. This bag will help you make friends. 2) The UK is implementing a 5p tax on grocery bags, which means it is officially never a bad idea to have a tote bag or two stuffed inside your day bag for a quick after work food shop.

I’ve also thought of just keeping it stocked with my blogger supplies, such as a spare notebook and pen, business cards, an extra SD card or battery. Then when a last-minute event pops up, I can just grab this and go. What do you think of this plan?

Gift packs

Funnily enough, Gifting Lounge have recently released gift pack bundles which include several things which I bought– the tote bag, a rose gold candle holder and adorable page flags (which I haven’t featured in this post even though I love them too!). It’s basically a perfect gift pack for the blogger in your life.

Plus the shopping experience went very smoothly, with no issues in checkout and my order being delivered promptly. I will definitely be checking out Gifting Lounge’s Christmas selection (and hopefully popping this necklace into an order for myself… so cute!).

September Behind the Scenes

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Er, well. This is awkward. I mean, I blogged every day for half of the month. And then I guess I did nothing, because there isn’t too much to talk about. But nevertheless, here is what didn’t happen on the blog:

Yelp Meetups and Elite Badge!


A couple of months ago I went to my very first Yelp event and since then I’ve been to quite a few more. It’s been a lot of fun meeting up with different people, mainly for really great food and drinks. I’ve been posting a lot of reviews over on Yelp, added a little widget on the sidebar of this blog, and actually got an Elite badge for 2015. It’s safe to say that I am Yelp obsessed.

If you’re based in Brighton and want to have drinks and chill with myself and some other cool people, you should hop over to the Brighton page and keep your eyes peeled for some fun events. I recommend the Yelp Brighton Meets and Eats event at Al Duomo. It’s on the 22nd of October at 7pm. All you have to do is click “I’m in!” and then check in to the event the evening of, and leave a review on Yelp after.

I dyed my hair blue


Well, I dyed it dark brown, bleached the ends and dyed them blue. Unfortunately it’s fading pretty fast, so I will need to pick a new colour soon. Purple, maybe? Leave me any suggestions you have!

I saw a Regency woman carrying an iPad


That’s so Brighton!