M&S Made Without Wheat Cake Mix

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I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to baking and in no way do I condone using cake mixes unless in emergency situations. Which is why I try to keep one on hand, just in case. You never know when a craving could hit and you could need cake right away. And gluten free cake mix is so hard to find! Or… it was. Until now.


M&S has always been amazing at gluten free with its Made Without Wheat range, but it’s just released a whole bunch of game changers. I’ve been eating so much macaroni cheese ready meals and desserts, it’s crazy. The cake mix came out a few weeks before all of the latest magnificence, but is still rather new to the range, and I had picked one up and had it floating around in my cupboard for the last little while.

Finally, today, the urge hit.

Now, technically the cake mix is meant to be for a Victoria Sponge, but I wasn’t completely into that idea. One of the best things to do with something Store Bought is to see how much you can Spruce It Up to make it seem like a lot more effort has been made. So, in the case of my afternoon quick bake project, I decided to chop up little bits of strawberry into the mixture, as a bit of a homage to a Vicky Sponge, as well as a bit of a wave to my fave Strawberry Shortcake.

mscake3 mscake4 mscake5 mscake6 mscake7

For a bit of a twist (and because I’m addicted) I opted for a chocolate buttercream frosting on top. And to be sickly sweet in an emotional sense, as well as a phyical one, I added little strawberry hearts to the top. Awww.


So that’s how I Spruced Up my Store Bought cake mixture to make it a bit more special! If you’d like to see a few more of these types of posts, let me know!

Hari Ghotra Rogan Josh Curry Kit!

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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it much, but at the beginning of the year I moved into a new flat with a massive kitchen. This, along with a new relationship that became “serious” incredibly quickly, has resulted in my cooking a lot more often than I did when I was sad and single in a studio flat.

Now I am in a situation where I have the kitchen of my dreams and a deal that involves Katy cleaning the dishes as long as I cook dinner. It’s my dream life.

Way back at the end of 2015, I attended a cooking class with Hari Ghotra which introduced a whole new range of flavours to my dinner repertoire. I also had received one of her Curry Kits at the end of the night. As I’ve been doing pretty well with adding authentic Indian flavours on my own, I hadn’t got around to trying it… until recently.


It’s very simple. The kit contains all of the spices needed for the curry. Mine had two separate packets and instructions to use them at different times. For example, with the first packet I heated the spices on their own in a bit of coconut oil.


The second was added a bit later along with some fish and vegetables. Finally the meal was completed with some greek yogurt, and served with rice.


Katy and I both really enjoyed it. It was very spicy, but it smelled amazing while it cooked and tasted great as well. I admit to being a bit of a wimp and adding a little extra yogurt to my helping, but Katy went hardcore and enjoyed the spice at its maximum.


I’d definitely recommend these spice packets for those evenings when you want to cook, but want to take a little bit of pressure off when it comes to choosing flavours. These are quick, easy and foolproof!

My birthday trip to Arundel!

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Living in England is a bit like living on a movie set sometimes. It’s hard to explain, but growing up somewhere completely different will give you that feeling. For example, when it’s dark and raining and the buildings around you are older than your home country. Or when you’re in Central London casually ignoring one of the world’s most famous landmarks. Or when your girlfriend takes you away for your birthday weekend to a picturesque town with an actual fairytale castle.

I loved my visit to Arundel. I love castles and cathedrals, and they have both! Plus the whole town is just adorable and Instagramworthy. And I spent my time exploring it with my favourite person. Also it was SUNNY! Safe to say the trip was a success.

Well, apart from the bit where we prevented a goose from being murdered only to later see a duck be murdered.

Not all fairytales have happy endings.

But that is a story for another day, here are some of the photos I took on my birthday weekend away at the beginning of April!

arundel17 arundel16 arundel15 arundel14 arundel13 arundel12 arundel11 arundel10 arundel9 arundel8 arundel7 arundel6 arundel4 arundel3 arundel2 arundel1