Gluten Free at Bagelman!

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If you live in Brighton, you must know Bagelman. For a while I was excluded from the hype, as obviously bagel shops (and other such sandwichy places) are not typically ideal for people who cannot eat gluten. But one day I was walking past, and they suddenly had big “Gluten free available!” signs outside.

Still, I was a bit skeptical, because cross contamination is everywhere, and it took me a little bit to pluck up the courage and give it a go. Now, it’s a firm favourite, for the following reasons.

  • As soon as I ask for my order to be gluten free, I am asked if I need it prepared on a clean surface.
  • When I say yes, it is always moved quite far from the main bagel assembly area.
  • I’ve watched the sandwich be prepared countless times, and they’ve always taken extreme measures, such as cleaning knives, getting fresh mayo from the fridge so it’s not been exposed to dirty knives, etc.
  • They even keep up this high standard when it is busy and there is a queue! (Sorry, people behind me during the lunch time rush.)
  • It’s delicious.

Okay, so the gluten free option isn’t actually a bagel, but it is a really good roll, I think made by the famous Sussex Bread Company. My personal favourite is the chicken bacon avocado, which is also, incidentally, the only one I’ve tried because I love it that much.



Conveniently, Bagelman opened a new restaurant (the one pictured in this post) incredibly near my work (as opposed to the other one which is only “really near my work”). They also opened a little shop in the Brighton train station, making this my go to snack whenever I take a train anywhere.

August Behind the Scenes

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August was crazy. Half of it was spent in Canada and half was spent being incredibly ill in England. Whoops. If you missed it I visited Vancouver Island, Vancouver and a few places in Alberta. I also made a little video of my home city of Calgary.

So, admittedly, not much happened behind the scenes this month. It’s mainly all… here. Or it’s stuff that actually does need a full post!

Here are a few bits and bobs anyway.

Family photos

I don’t think my family and I have had a photo together since… I was 9? 10? It’s been a while. While we were in Vancouver, my cousin Kellee took a few photos of us on a beach. Cute, huh?

august-bts august-bt2

Pizza at Double Zero in Calgary

Although my time in Calgary was brief, I was able to get together with my friends Kaitlin, Kaman and Ceima to have a bit of dinner. We went to Double Zero for pizza. It was the new Chinook one… I say new, but I actually have no idea how old it is, since I no longer live there. But it had a nice vibe.

Mainly I was impressed by how the server handled my gluten free order. She brought it out separately from the rest, and when we asked for our leftovers to be packed up she again took it on its own to prevent cross contamination. Stuff like that just really makes me feel happy and safe. Big thumbs up to Double Zero!

august-bts3 august-bts4

Dear Rouge

When I was in Canada, I was watching a news segment for some bands in a festival and the band Dear Rouge popped up. I liked the sound of the song in the clip so I found their album on Spotify… and then kind of forgot about it until I got back to the UK.

Well, since then it’s been playing constantly. I looove it. If you like that kind of dancey-electronic-rock vibe you should definitely check them out. According to their website they’ll be playing in London (the England one, obvz) in December and I am actually wriggling with excitement!

It’s Septemblog!

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Another month, gone! And now it’s winter. The dead of winter.

Okay, not quite. But it’s basically around the corner. I had my first pumpkin spice latte this morning! Mmm. And I’m already excited for lovely jumpers and tights (er, and skirts with those tights, I’m not Peter Pan). I’m also going to try to join my friend Jem in her Septemblog challenge to blog every day in September.

If you have any things you’ve ever wanted me to write about, now is definitely the time to let me know! I have no idea what I’m going to write about.

Even now, I am not sure how to finish this post.

Um, the lighting was pretty nice when I walked home this evening, so here are some pictures from my walk home. Bye bye, summer. Hello, September!

septemblog1 septemblog2 septemblog3 septemblog4 septemblog5 septemblog6