My New Tattoo!

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When I was 18, I got my first tattoo. I was in Katimavik, living with 10 roommates, and a few of us decided to each get one. I used Microsoft Word to pick a font and a little star clip art and that is the story of how the word “dream” became permanently engraved on my wrist. I definitely don’t regret it. In fact, it’s such a part of me now that I do not see it unless I am actively looking for it.

However, my newest tattoo required planning. If you’ve done the math, you’ll know that it’s been 9 years since my last tattoo adventure. This is because I took a long time to come up with something. I designed a few different things that I ended up hating before coming up with this idea:

I wanted to get a tattoo of my dog’s paw print to remember her.

Unfortunately, I lived in the UK and my dog lived in Canada. So with the help of my family, they were able to freak my dog out (sorry, Spice) and eventually get a print of her paw– pads, fur and all.

Then, time passed. And a few weeks ago my favourite little doggy left us. So it was time for some tattoo action.

For various reasons, I did not want to get a big black blob permanently etched into my skin, so I had a play around in Photoshop (a clear upgrade from MS Word) until I settled on a watercolour effect involving my favourite colours and sort of evoking a flame-esque vibe. Then I found an artist, Ollie Pinder, who could bring my vision to life.

And I love it. I really do. It’s so perfect and lovely to be reminded of my best pal. Laying on my bed and looking at it reminds me of all the times I sprawled next to her on the floor and examined the bottoms of her feet. Or all the times I let her inside from the snowy yard and wiped her paws on a towel but she still left little paw prints on the wood floors anyway.

Here is a pic of it freshly done (compared to my Photoshop mockup).


And a little bit closer, a week after (still a bit of healing to go)!


I have a few other ideas for tattoos that I would like… but hopefully it will take me less than a decade to execute them!

Brownie Wizardry with Delicious Alchemy

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Delicious Alchemy gluten free brownie mix

The other day I was sad and I went for an epic chocolate shopping spree in Montezuma’s. They had 4 bags of their delicious chocolate buttons for £10. Now that may seem steep, but these chocolate buttons are amazing. They’re… magical even.

Montezuma's chocolate buttons

I shared the milk and dark chocolate bags I had picked up with my pals at work, but I put away the white ones with a vague plan of using them to make brownies with raspberries and white chocolate on the weekend.

Then I promptly got a cold. And a lot of bad stuff happened in the world. And in my life. It was like the Dementors were all around me. I didn’t really feel like baking.

On Sunday, though, I was feeling my cold start to lift and I decided to cheer myself up a bit. I went to the grocery store to grab some baking ingredients and I found this:

Delicious Alchemy gluten free brownie mix

Gluten free brownie mix from Delicious Alchemy!

This is a brand I’ve wanted to try for a while because their name sounds both yummy and mysterious. And they do some interesting sounding products. But I don’t tend to use a lot of mixes because I have always loved to bake, and I like doing it from scratch.

But sometimes you feel down. Sometimes you need a little help. Sometimes you want a little magic.

It was pretty simple. I combined the brownie mix with butter and eggs. Then I threw in a punnet of raspberries. Then I broke the chocolate buttons in half and combined everything.

Delicious Alchemy gluten free brownie mixDelicious Alchemy gluten free brownie mix

Soon I had a magical brownie treat to help brighten up my gloomy Sunday evening. And I decided to brighten up Monday morning for my colleagues by bringing in the rest to share!

Definitely impressed with Delicious Alchemy’s mix and I know I will use it again when I want to brew up another quick and easy brownie concoction! Going to be keeping their other mixes on the radar too.

(Er, and, no… this post isn’t a collab with Delicious Alchemy or anyone. I put this many magic references into a post on my own. It’s been that kind of week.)

Some things that make me smile

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It’s been a tough couple of days, for me personally, and also in the world in general. Today I’m just going to share a few things on YouTube that always give me a giggle when I’m feeling sad.

Colin’s Bear Animation

Colin is a pure legend who went to a university in Toronto to learn about game development. He had to take an animation course, which, apparently, was so laughably bad that this is what he came up with for his final exam. He got an A.

2001 A Space Odyssey Fail

Q: What happens when an orchestra switches instruments and tries to play something epic?
A: Something not so epic.

Absolutely Smitten by Dodie Clark (Doddleoddle)

This song is just so cute. I can’t help but feel a bit bouncy listening to it.

This dance routine to Vengaboys’ Boom Boom Boom Boom

This song is amazing and the dance is really funny. (There are some technical difficulties to it actually starts at 44 seconds.)

I hope everyone is doing okay right now. It can be hard to talk about things, so I just also wanted to link to a video I did a month ago about my experience with anxiety and atypical depression. Just in case anyone is feeling down and wanted a chat.