Work/Life Balance and Simplyhealth quiz!

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There is a very common theme in the world of web designers and developers, and that is an increasingly blurred line between work and life. So many of us started off as hobbyists, developing our skills until we could take it to a professional level. Often, in addition to our 9 to 5, we take on extra projects, whether paid freelance work or personal side projects. It can be a bit of a running joke, but at the same time it can promote an unhealthy lifestyle, with many of us competing, in a way, to be this ideal version of the web superstar.

I used to play this game, but in more recent years I’ve begun to value a balance. At times it can be hard to do, when your instinct is to try to keep up with the crowd. But, at the end of the day, you gotta do you. And that means taking the time to stop and check in with how your mind and body are feeling.

I was invited to take the Simplyhealth quiz to find out “What does your work / life balance say about you?” By answering 10 questions you can find out whether you are a separator, integrator or volleyer. All of these options have both pros and cons, so there’s no right or wrong answer.

My quiz result was what I expected: I am a volleyer. This means I shift between prioritizing work and life until as much as I need to sustain success in both areas. Sometimes I put all the pressure on my work, letting it take up the larger chunk of my time, but I also know when my body and mind need a rest, and I’m willing to step back a bit to allow myself the space I need.

I know this isn’t a permanent state though. I definitely have had periods in my life where I’ve fallen more into different roles, and ones where my relationship between work and life was decidedly unbalanced. That’s why I think it’s important to check in fairly frequently. So, pop on over to the work/life balance quiz and see where you stand, and how you can find a bit more of an equilibrium!

Sugargrain: The Free From Bakehouse, Borough Market, London

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Free From Bakehouse

When Ann suggested an early afternoon wander around Borough Market I was all over it. I loooove markets. I went to many more at home than I do now, but I always get a thrill from walking around and buying fresh, high quality goods and trying new things.

As with every instance that involves the opportunity to try new foods, I did a little research to see what was around the market and came across Sugargrain: The Free From Bakehouse. I’ve basically never been more excited. Since I had arrived a bit earlier than Ann and Richard, I made a beeline to the stall so I could take the time to be obnoxious and carefully decide what I wanted to try.

Free From Bakehouse Free From Bakehouse
Firstly, I ended up going for 3 savoury muffins. It’s really hard to find savoury treats. Cookies and brownies are a dime a dozen, but things like muffins and tarts are harder to come by. I grabbed the a tomato and feta, a pesto, and a cheddar and jalapeño. All were moist and delicious – exactly what you want in a muffin, and yet so hard to find in the commercial offerings.

Secondly, I bought a chocolate chip banana loaf. Not just a slice, but the entire loaf. I loooove banana bread so much. I had been thinking of making some all week, but then I got too lazy. Womp womp. This was a great substitute though. In addition to being wheat and gluten free, it was also dairy and sugar free. And delicious. A little bit of a miracle, if we’re being honest.

Free From Bakehouse Free From Bakehouse

If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend giving this place a go. Even if you can eat gluten!

A Magic Dark & Bright by Jenny Adams Perinovic

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A Magic Dark & Bright

A Magic Dark & Bright

When I found out my friend Jenny Adams Perinovic was publishing her novel, I was very excited before I even knew what it was about. Although it may seem like I am all too willing to share my writing online, I am quite private when it comes to anything creative. So, for Jenny to put her creative writing out into the world… well, I was entirely envious of her bravery. And her dedication toward her work is so admirable.

A Magic Dark & Bright is a YA Gothic romance about a teenaged girl who is dealing with PTSD after a horrible accident. She lives in a small town with a creepy past, complete with a ghost woman in white. When a cute boy moves in next door, strange things start happening. The two of them try to help the ghost cross over, but things don’t exactly go to plan.

Once I read the summary of the book, I was instantly interested. I love a good ghost story. I am all about creepy houses and transparent people in ancient clothing. So I ordered the book. When it arrived at my work, I explained it to my colleagues and mentioned reviewing it for this blog. One of them asked me what I would do if I didn’t like the book. I blushed and admitted that I probably wouldn’t write a review at all.

Well. Here I am. Spoiler: I liked the book.

I don’t want to reveal too much, because I want you to read this novel! I will say the following things:

  • I was wary about the “young adult” classification as I often am. I’m 27, and can no longer relate to high school-aged characters in many cases. While, yes, there were many tropes of the genre, particularly when it came to the romantic subplot, it didn’t irritate me at all.
  • Around the middle of the novel, I was on a train from London to Brighton and I swear I completely blanked out the majority of the journey. I did not register East Croydon or Gatwick Airport at all, and I had to do a double-take as the train eased its way into Brighton. I was completely captivated.
  • The novel has a cliffhanger ending. I know, mean, right? I keep trying to pick up the book and continue the story, but there is no story. It’s over. And I’m upset. How could Jenny do this to us?!

Anyway, if this sounds like something you would enjoy, I highly recommend it. Then we can join together as an army to put loads of pressure on Jenny to release the second novel in the series!