January Behind The Scenes

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Wow, it is a whole week into February! Where did the time go? I’m not sure if I’ve ever explained what I do when I write these little roundups, but essentially I just flip through my phone and see if there are any photos that didn’t end up in a blog entry but relate to something vaguely interesting that happened.

So, I’ve just done that, and despite the fact that I seemed to be very busy in January, I don’t seem to have much to show for it!

Okay, to be fair, I moved the last weekend of the month. I am in my new flat now, although today needs to be spent cleaning the old one to perfection. But I can’t even show pics of the new flat because 1) I haven’t completely unpacked yet, 2) I’m waiting on furniture to be delivered and my sofa won’t be here until March 4th and 3) I moved on February 1st. So that’s for another BTS post completely!

Anyway, here are the few things of note I managed to scrape together.



In addition to seeing The Nutcracker at The Hawth Crawley, I was able to see two other shows.

The first was Annie at Brighton’s Theatre Royal. Annie is such a nostalgic musical for me. It’s basically the first musical I ever saw and loved, way back when I was a kid. So, it’s safe to say that’s where my musical theatre obsession began. While it’s certainly not one of my favourites now (I aged out of Annie long ago), I still love to watch it. Even though you can’t help but watch the kids playing the orphans and weep because why are they so talented and I am 27 years old and dance like a potato.

The second was Flare Path which was in Worthing. It’s a bit of a romantic comedy set during the Second World War in a pub near an airfield. It was good. There were lots of funny bits interspersed with a bit of a more serious love story. My girlfriend and I were probably the youngest people in the audience though! I wondered how many of our fellow theatre goers could actually remember living in wartime Britain.

Gluten free roast dinner at The Farm Tavern, Hove


Girlfriend was shocked to find out that I hadn’t had a roast at a pub since… well, basically ever. I had Christmas dinner in a pub the first year I was here, and I suppose that was roast-ish. But I’ve never had a proper pub lunch. She set out to fix this right away, but she didn’t want to settle for me having a roast and omitting bits like gravy and Yorkshire pudding, so she found a gluten free option at The Farm Tavern in Hove.

She’s the best.

So that’s how I found myself sitting down last Sunday to the massive plate of food pictured above. All gluten free and all completely delicious. Sure my Yorkshire pudding wasn’t quite as massive as hers, but it still existed which is way more than I can usually ask for! The Farm Tavern was also really cute with all the fairy lights my little blogger heart could want. It was pretty busy, so I’d recommend getting a reservation, which is what we did. But very yummy, and not too far from my new flat. Hooray!

Change of Scenery


In addition to moving flats, my work moved offices at the beginning of the year. Now I work in the middle of Brighton’s well known North Laine neighbourhood. This has been pretty great in terms of getting a bit of a change of scenery. My new walk to work is much more interesting and I love passing all the little shops every day. I like to think that my Instagram has perked up a bit because of the move as well!

Maple Cafe, Brighton

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I have had a busy last few days! I’ve been moving flats, so the weekend was a flurry of packing (mainly done by my girlfriend– I would have had a mental breakdown and never have moved without her) and whatnot. On Sunday we decided to go out to grab coffee and breakfast before getting started. I remembered seeing a newish place up the road in Seven Dials, called Maple, and decided to give it a shot.




We stepped in to the foyer which is tiny, and were greeted by an assortment of baked goods. There were vegan options and a salted fudge gluten free brownie! But I was not there for brownies, so I have not yet tried it. We checked out their Sunday brunch menu, which is new! Katy chose a ham and cheese croissant. And I asked for poached eggs with salmon. The eggs are usually served on a crumpet, so I asked for no crumpet, explaining the gluten free thing. But Maple were on it! They had gluten free toast available. And they also have pita.

I also grabbed a hot chocolate, made with Montezuma’s milk chocolate, which was delicious.


While the cafe initially seems minuscule, we wandered out back into an area with tables and a clear covering so there’s loads of natural light. They also have a seating area upstairs.


When our food came, it looked amazing. Katy tucked in immediately, so I did not get a snap of hers, but mine was completely brilliant looking… and tasting!


Maple Cafe is definitely one I will be back to. I hope they won’t find being super close to Small Batch to be too much of a problem, because they definitely offer something quite nice, especially for the gluten free crowd.

Honest Burgers is honestly amazing…

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Honest Burgers Gluten Free

… Especially if you’re gluten free!

It’s not every day that I find myself in Camden Market, so as soon as I did I made a bee-line to Honest Burgers having heard they were amazing for gluten free… including the inclusion of gluten free onion rings on their menu! I can’t remember the last time I’d had gluten free onion rings. Most deep fried food is completely off limits to those of us that cannot eat gluten.

Er, I said gluten a lot in that paragraph. Let’s just assume that everything I ate was gluten free from here onward, and focus just on how yummy the food was!

We got there at a fairly typical lunch-y time and were immediately seated at a small table between two other pairs of people. The meal quickly became a bit social for this reason as being packed a bit densely lead us to overhear the guy next to us sending his burger selection back not once, not twice, but three times! Turns out the guy was a bit of a picky eater, and for some reason his order could not be made right!

We were more fortunate, as both of our meals arrived perfectly. And delicious. Sipping on some real-deal iced tea, I had a lot to contend with, eating as much of my cheese burger, fries and onion rings as humanly possible. Lissa was equally satisfied with her choice of lemonade, the Honest Burger namesake burger which included bacon, and a side of coleslaw.

Honest Burgers Gluten Free Honest Burgers Gluten Free Honest Burgers Gluten Free Honest Burgers Gluten Free

You’re probably waiting for a verdict on the onion rings, so I will say this: YES. They were as amazing as the most amazing onion rings I could remember. Deliciously crispy, with a nice balance between batter and onion.

I will definitely be back.