Blackbird Tea Rooms, Brighton

Posted on April 15, 2015 under Brighton, Food, Gluten Free


Brighton is full of so many quirky places to grab a drink and a snack, I sometimes wonder how places like Starbucks and Costa stay in business at all. Yes, of course, I grab my latte in the morning from a big chain store (although I would be open to changing this) but in the evenings and weekends, it’s no question that you will find me in some cute little café.

Obviously, the availability of gluten free snacks is also key. One of the best gluten free cakes I’ve had alongside a cup of tea in Brighton has come from the Blackbird Tea Rooms, located in the Lanes.


Decorated in an adorable vintage style, with clusters of photos on the walls and bundles of fresh flowers on each table, it’s hard to curb the desire to photograph everything.



When we got there in the afternoon on a Sunday, it was understandably busy, but we waited. And I will say that I think it is worth the wait, to get a slice of their very moist Orange and Almond gluten free offering. My gluten-eating partner-in-crime, Clementine, also enjoyed her carrot cake and Rosehip & Hibiscus tea (which is honestly just stunning to look at, with its light pink colour).

The servers, a group of ladies in perfectly pressed black dresses with white aprons, provide amazing customer service and are lovely to chat with. Even with a busy tea room and a queue, I never felt particularly rushed, and Clementine and I were able to eat at a leisurely pace and have a bit of a chat in the warm room on the ground floor before heading back out into the windy Lanes.


Posted on April 08, 2015 under Personal


Well. This is it. Here I am, officially in my “late twenties.” And this is my annual birthday post.

I don’t really know what to say this time, really. Life is… normal. I didn’t do anything crazy, but I don’t think I wasted the year either. It just is what it is.

I suppose last year was a bit stressful. I had a resurgence of anxiety and depression and it took me a while to get to a point where I could talk about it again and get myself back on track. But I’ve been on that track since the beginning of the year, and things are looking up!

As usual, I have my friends and family to thank for keeping me grounded and being supportive.


This year is about passion projects. In addition to my continued work on this blog, I’ve just launched Anthologie with my friend Clementine. Our goal is to create a safe space for women to write about their experiences and passions, creating a sort of… anthology… a collection of works from unique perspectives. I’ve also been planning a video game project to help myself be more creative artistically and to improve my coding skills. And I’m working toward goals to be healthier, more active and better with money… like the real nearly-30 year old woman that I am! ;)

So, here’s to another year!